Can Government Employee Do Freelancing?

Can government employee do YouTube channel?


According to the Central Government Servants Conduct Rules, no central government employees can engage in any occupation, profession or vocation which provide him with any income.

Originally Answered: Can an central government employee start his own YouTube channel and earn money out of it?.

Can a government employee teach in coaching?

No, if one wants to go exactly by the rules. The person can teach without taking any remuneration. However, the person’s manager can give special permission to teach if one applies through the right way. … That said many government employees do teach at private coaching centres and hide their income out of this venture.

Can government employee do Amway business?

Originally Answered: Is it permissible to government employees to do an Amway business? Government employees are supposed to not to earn any other income be it part time or full time job or business. So, it’s definitely not permitted to do any such type of business other than their government job.

Can a government employee do farming?

Yes, government employee can do agricultural activity if he has aggricuture land in his name.

Can govt employee earn from other sources?

Can I earn from other sources if I am a govt employee? … As per service conduct rules, a government servant can not take any other employment. So, doing another job amounts to violation of the rules and may call for departmental action.

Can we do freelance work while employed?

As far as the legality of such freelance assignment is concerned, you are governed by the Shop and Establishment Act and or the Factory Act depending on your nature of work and industry you are employed with, and it clearly prohibits Dual Employment, though there are certain exceptions (viz.

Can govt employee do LLB?

As a government employee, you can only study LLB in Evening Classes (which typically start at 6 and end at 9 – 9.30). … Before enrolling into an evening batch, you will have to submit an NOC to the college committee issued by your employer.

Can government employee become trustee?

Yes the Government Employee or Government Officer can be the member, founder, Trustee, Director of Non Profit Organisation /Non Governmental Organisation (NGO).

Can government employees protest?

Feds can legally protest — but keep your job out of it Many federal employees are part of this wave — exercising their First Amendment rights to free speech, free assembly and public complaint “to petition the government for a redress of grievances,” as the Constitution puts it.

Can government employee become director?

19 July 2011 A Government Employee can be a Partner or Director however subject to restrictions. He can only be a sleeping partner and cant be a whole time or part time director. He can be a non-executive director.

Who are eligible for LLB?

Eligibility For LLB Course The minimum eligibility for joining the LLB course is graduation with 40% in the qualifying examination for the direct admission. By the Entrance exam, the student should be qualified through the cut-off marks for the Admission on Reputed law colleges.

Can I study LLB while working?

You can continue with your Job while doing LLB simultaneously. Your office timings are from 11–8 which is good as lectures usually ends by 10 or 10.30 a.m, you can skip the last lecture to reach office on time.

Can government employee join vestige?

They can do it in their convenient time. So a student, a retired person, a housewife, a professional in any field, a government employee can do this as a part time income opportunity. You can create HEALTH AWARENESS PROGRAM through Vestige and make people health conscious.

Can a government employee do trading?

According to the earlier rules, Group ‘A’ and ‘B’ officers were to disclose such details if the total transaction in shares, securities, debentures or mutual fund schemes etc. exceeded Rs 50,000 during the calendar year. … Service rules say no government servant shall speculate in any stock, share or other investment.

Can a government employee do another job?

No, A government employee is not allowed to run a private business, neither is he allowed to work anywhere else as a part-time or full-time employee. This is against government rule and hence person who is found can be charged for breaking the law.

Can a government employee do network marketing?

Can a government employee do MLM? … If you can sell a product or widget at the local swapmeet or work nights at the liquer store you can do MLM.

Can govt employee do part time job?

Answer:Before applying for any part time job,it is advisable if you thoroughly go through your government appointment letter. … If not,it would be clearly mentioned there that during the period of government service,you cannot do any other job or business.

Is LLB evening valid?

Answer. Any LLB or any law degree 5 year or 3 year in a distance mode or correspondence ie in evening classes is not recognised by the Bar Council of India.