Question: Did The Weasleys Become Rich?

Are the Weasleys rich?

but I cannot ignore the fact that the Weasleys are very poor with Money Management.

The Weasleys won the Grand Prize Galleon Draw “700 Galleons” at the start of the third book.

That is the equivalent of being desperately poor in the Muggle world and suddenly winning the Lottery..

Did Harry give the Weasleys money?

In Goblet of Fire, Harry donates all his winnings to the Weasley twins on the condition that they buy Ron some decent dancing clothes. I think Harry felt comfortable giving money to the Weasley’s simply because it was “his money” and not his parents. It wasn’t even Harry’s fault Ron’s wand broke.

How were Lily and James so rich?

Harry’s money came from inheritance from his father, James. James was independently wealthy (from family money) when he left Hogwarts, sufficiently such that he was able to support himself, Sirius, and Lily as full-time (unpaid) fighters for the Order of the Phoenix. … His money came from inheritance, from his father.

How much money did the Weasleys win?

Known winners. In the summer of 1993, Arthur Weasley won the Galleon draw, and received a prize of seven-hundred Galleons. He and his wife spent the gold on a summer trip to Egypt to visit their son Bill.