Question: How Many 60 Point Games Does Michael Jordan Have?

Who has the most 60 point games?

More videos on YouTubePlayerYears playedNo.

of 60-point gamesWilt Chamberlain1959-7432Kobe Bryant1996-20166Michael Jordan1984-93; 1995-98; 2001-034James Harden2009-42 more rows•Nov 30, 2020.

How many scoring titles did Kobe Bryant win?

Kobe Bryant won scoring titles in 2006 and 2007. LeBron James won the scoring title in 2008. Kevin Durant became the youngest scoring champion in 2010. He won another three in 2011, 2012 and 2014.

How many times has LeBron scored less than 10 points?

The last time LeBron failed to score 10 points in a game was on Jan. 5, 2007, when he had eight points, nine assists and five rebounds as the Cavs beat the Bucks. He has eight single-digit scoring games in his career, with six of them coming in 2003-04 (his rookie season).

Who has scored 70 points in an NBA game?

NBA HISTORY: Devin Booker is just the sixth player in NBA history to score 70-plus in a game joining Wilt Chamberlain (six times), Kobe Bryant, David Thompson, Elgin Baylor and David Robinson. This was just the 11th 70-point game in NBA history, and the first since Bryant scored 81 against the Raptors in 2006.

Who scored 60 points in the NBA?

Golden State Warriors star Steph Curry became the second oldest player in NBA history to score 60 points in a game after exploding for a career-high 62 in a 137-122 win over the Portland Trailblazers on Sunday night.

Did MJ ever have a bad game?

The worst night occurred when Jordan registered the worst single-game shooting performance of his career, going 1-of-9 for just two points on Dec. 15, 2002, against the Toronto Raptors.

What was MJ lowest scoring game?

Michael Jordan put up his fewest points in a game on December 15, 2002 and on April 2, 2002, with 2 points.

How many 60 point games did Kobe Bryant have?

Note: These stats are for 60-point games recorded in regular-season history. Jordan (63) and Baylor (61) are the only players in NBA Playoffs history to drop 60-plus in the postseason….More videos on YouTube.PlayerKobe BryantYears played1996-2016No. of 60-point games6Career-high815 more columns•Mar 23, 2019

How many 60 point games does LeBron James have?

Now up to No. 3 on the all-time scoring list, LeBron James has scored 60 points or more just once in his NBA career…doing so with a broken nose.

Did Jordan ever miss the playoffs with the Bulls?

In 13 seasons with the Bulls, Jordan won six titles, but he also failed to make the Finals seven times.

What is LeBron’s best game?

5 defining LeBron James games we’d want the King to break down2013 NBA Finals, Game 7 vs. San Antonio. … 2012 Eastern Conference Finals, Game 6 vs. Boston. … 2016 NBA Finals, Game 7 vs. Golden State. … 2016 NBA Finals, Game 5 vs. Golden State. … 2010 Eastern Conference finals, Game 5 vs. Boston.

What’s Steph Curry’s career high?

62 points’I took that personally’: Stephen Curry scores career-high 62 points. Stephen Curry scored a career-high 62 points in 36 minutes in the Golden State Warriors’ 137-122 win against the Portland Trail Blazers on Sunday.

Who has the most 80 point games in NBA history?

NBA Records: The Highest Points Ever Scored in One GameWilt Chamberlain, 70 points (March 10, 1963) … (tie) Elgin Baylor, 71 points (November 15, 1960) … (tie) David Robinson, 71 points (April 24, 1994) … Wilt Chamberlain, 72 points (November 3, 1962) … Wilt Chamberlain, 78 points (December 8, 1961) … Kobe Bryant, 81 points (January 22, 2006)

How many 50 point games Does Michael Jordan have?

Most 50-Point GamesPlayer# TimesWilt Chamberlain118Michael Jordan31Kobe Bryant25James Harden23142 more rows

Has LeBron ever had a 60 point game?

His career high is 61 points, set as a member of the Miami Heat against the visiting Charlotte Bobcats on March 3, 2014.