Question: Is Blaze Pizza Expensive?

How much is a large blaze pizza?

Pricing is competitive with the legacy pizza players, and online deals include large pepperoni pizzas for $8.95 and two large 1-top pizzas for $20.

Online orders placed through the Blaze website or Blaze app can be delivered for a $4.99 fee.

Delivery is also available through Postmates..

How much is a half pizza at Blaze?

Half-pizza + unlimited toppings = $5.

Is mod or Blaze Pizza better?

I ate the same meal from 2 of the fiercest competitors in fast-casual pizza and found that MOD Pizza beat Blaze Pizza in almost every category. Blaze Pizza and MOD Pizza are two competitors leading the fast-casual pizza industry. … However, Blaze did make a better dessert.

Can you get half a pizza at Blaze?

The lunch-time deal is only good for in-restaurant orders only (you can’t order it online or for delivery). … Interestingly, they cut the pizza crust in half before topping or baking it.

What is special about Blaze Pizza?

Blaze allows you to customize your pizza, with choices ranging from cheese to proteins, from vegetables to sauces. … The breakthrough – thin crust pizzas baked in a special-built, extremely hot oven (900+ degrees, 60,000 BTUs) that brings the concoction to life in only three minutes.

How much does a pizza cost at Blaze?

Blaze Pizza PricesFoodPricePizzasBuild Your Own Pizza$8.451 Top Pizza$6.75Simple Pie Pizza$5.5521 more rows