Question: What Is Another Word For Again And Again?

What is another word for again?

In this page you can discover 47 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for again, like: another time, once-again, encore, newly, reiteratively, repeatedly, once-more, over again, then, finally and anyway..

What is another word for recurring?

Similar words for Recurring: cyclical (adjective) frequent (adjective) intermittent (adjective) on-again, off-again (adjective)

What is the meaning of over and over?

phrase. If you say that something happened over and over or over and over again, you are emphasizing that it happened many times. [emphasis] He plays the same songs over and over.

What is the definition of constantly?

1 : without variation, deviation, or change : always constantly on the alert constantly improving a temperature that’s constantly maintained …

What’s another word for thinking?

Frequently Asked Questions About think Some common synonyms of think are conceive, envisage, envision, fancy, imagine, and realize. While all these words mean “to form an idea of,” think implies the entrance of an idea into one’s mind with or without deliberate consideration or reflection.

What is the opposite word of again?

What are the antonyms for AGAIN? sometimes, little, intermittently, rarely, seldom, nay, nevermore, yea, never, occasionally, truly, true, unusually, ne’er, indeed, verily, periodically, infrequently, even, sporadically.

What is a word for again and again?

other words for again and again frequently. once again. regularly. repeatedly. continuously.

What is the synonym of at once?

SYNONYMS. at the same time, at one and the same time, at the same instant, at the same moment, together, all together, simultaneously. as a group, in unison, in concert, in chorus.

What does over mean?

over. preposition. Definition of over (Entry 2 of 5) 1 —used as a function word to indicate motion or situation in a position higher than or above anothertowered over his motherflew over the lakerode over the old Roman road.

What is a word for moving fast?

What is another word for move fast?flyspeedzoomboltrundashscurryracerushdart238 more rows

What is the meaning of at one go?

in one attempt: in one attempt : without stopping He managed to finish the work in/at one go.

What is once again?

once again(Adverb) again (once more, one more time).

Where can I use again?

Again sentence examplesShe fell asleep again when he left the room. … Again she leaned back so she could see his face. … I had made many mistakes, and Miss Sullivan had pointed them out again and again with gentle patience. … Again he gazed down at her. … When she woke again, the room was dark. … “Let’s go down again!” he said, in his hoarse voice.More items…