Question: Who Works Well With Miss Fortune?

What support is good with sivir?

Sivir Best lane matchupsEzreal.

+ 291.6.


+ 212.5.

GD@15.Miss Fortune.

+ 0.8.


Is ahri good in LoL?

Actually Ahri is one of the best mid laners in the game right now. She has pretty much everything you could want in a midlaner in her kit, is good at all phases of the game and her high winrate and play rate reflect this.

Is Darius a bad guy?

Darius is supposed to be the big bad guy who smashes you with an axe if you get too close, but right now he feels downright oppressive to lane against. … You should still try to avoid his giant axe altogether, but if you really wanna fight the Hand of Noxus, you might have a better chance to do so now.

Which support is good with ezreal?

Roaming supports, preferably with decent poke, like Bard, or someone who can make use of his mobility and burst potential, like Rakan, Thresh or Taric. Ezreal can hold a 1v2 in lane while you look to pressure others, even against aggressive lane opponents.

What type of champion is Miss Fortune?

Miss Fortune, the Bounty Hunter – League of Legends.

What support goes well with Miss Fortune?

Leona/Thresh to stomp, Janna/Nami to scale. Leona for snowball lane (Insane lvl 2 powerspike) Sona for poke lane till 6 (lvl 6 ult combo) Brand got the “press R and watch” comp. anyone with good cc / high dmg early.

What is Miss Fortune Good For?

The passive enhances Miss Fortune’s speed which is useful both out of combat or in a fight, as long as no damage is taken. Activating it will bring her passive movement speed to full power immediately, which is useful for getting in and out of combat.

Is Miss Fortune a good ADC?

yeah, she’s good. MF is the truest pubstomp adc. Her early damage coupled with arguably the best teamfight ult coming from an adc just destroys uncoordinated teams. Her late game is weaker than, say, Caitlyn or jinx (traditionally the strongest soloqueue late game adcs) but it’s not corki tier either.

How good is Darius?

He is strong because he hard punishes bad melee positioning in top lane. If not for mana, he would be the most punishing melee top laner in the game. Darius is strong because of his trades, his ult, and his mid-late game.

What support is best with Vayne?

My personal favorites are Braum, Thresh, and Leona. Lulu, nami, janna.

Is Lux good LoL?

Lux is one of those League of Legends champions you can never go wrong with. In most of the situations, she’s a safe pick and also a great champion to learn in order to climb up the ranked ladder. Lux’s shiny abilities perfectly describe her – she is a mid-game champion you always get a chance to shine with.

How old is Darius?

He is between his mid and late 30s.

Who is the best support for Miss Fortune?

Miss Fortune = Leona Leona provides her with enough crowd control to be able to unleash some of her higher damage moves, namely her E and her Ultimate.

Is Darius a split pusher?

a good splitpusher can easily push a lane, can duel a champ, and has decent tower pushing power. So yes, darius is a very good split pusher.