Quick Answer: What Does LP Stand For?

What is LP abbreviation for?

long-playing recordAn LP is a record which usually has about 25 minutes of music or speech on each side.

LP is an abbreviation for ‘long-playing record.


What EP means?

extended playAn extended play, often referred to as an EP, or mini-album is a musical recording that contains more tracks than a single but is usually unqualified as an album or LP.

What does LP stand for in psychology?

Licensed PsychologistLP – Licensed Psychologist | AcronymFinder.

What does LP stand for in address?

AbbreviationsCommon Street Name Sign AbbreviationsALLEYALLEYNORTHLAKELKTURNPIKELOOPLPWAYMOUNTMTWEST20 more rows

Can an EP be 6 songs?

A single is considered 1-3 songs that are each less than 10 minutes in length. … An EP is considered 1-3 songs with one song of at least 10 minutes in length and a total running time of 30 minutes or less. Or an EP is considered 4-6 songs with a total running time of 30 minutes or less.

What does EP mean in texting?

EP means “Extended Play”.

What does LP stand for in clothing?

Louis PhilippeLouis Philippe is a premium brand of men’s apparel originating from India.

What does EP and LP stand for?

Back in the 20th Century, the term EP stands for Extended Play Record. … The difference between EP and LP is that an LP is ‘Long Playing’ and generally has more than 8 tracks. Whereas, as above an EP has 4-6 tracks.

What is LP in social media?

To illustrate, the action of a visitor looking at 10 pages on your site over two days would be described as ten visits by one unique visitor. LP stands for Landing Page. … It is distinct from your website (containing no navigation to it) in order to better guide visitors to complete an intended action.

Can an EP have 7 songs?

If a product contains four to six songs, and has a total duration of 30 minutes or less, it is generally classified as an EP. Therefore, an album is typically seven songs and runs over 30 minutes. However, a three-track release can also be specified as an EP, if the artist or label nominate this as the product type.

What does EP mean on shoes?

Engineered PerformanceEp stands for Engineered Performance. Built with high-durability rubber for extensive outdoor play.

What does 2 LP vinyl mean?

+1. The format of 2xLP simply means that there are two LP records. Album means that they each have the format ‘Album’ – it doesn’t differ between a single album over multiple records or multiple albums on individual records. The Box Set tag shows that they are boxed together and index tracks separate the discs.

What is LP internet?

LP Internet Solutions is a professional & innovative consulting firm providing start-ups & small businesses with a specialized and custom range of Internet marketing services.

Can an EP have 8 songs?

An EP is a compilation of songs, which is longer then a single but shorter then an album. A single is one single song, and an album generally contains 8 songs or more. The average EP is around four songs long.

What does LP mean in selling?

for last priceLP means for last price.

Can an EP be 2 songs?

In order for a release to be considered an EP, it must meet one of the following two requirements: The release has a total of one to three (1-3) tracks, one or more of the tracks is/are 10 minutes or longer and entire release is less than 30 minutes.

limited partnershipA limited partnership (LP)—not to be confused with a limited liability partnership (LLP)—is a partnership made up of two or more partners. The general partner oversees and runs the business while limited partners do not partake in managing the business.