Quick Answer: What Is The Best School For Diesel Mechanics?

How much to diesel mechanics make a year?

According to the U.S.

Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median pay for Diesel Service Mechanics and Mechanics was $22.76 an hour or $47,350 per year in 2018..

How much money does a diesel tech make?

The national average salary for a Diesel Technician is $49,661 in United States.

Can diesel mechanics make 6 figures?

Diesel technicians are frequently the highest paid on a dealership service lane, and the money can be as good as at the kinds of computer industry jobs that seem to attract more interest from young people these days. “These guys can easily make close to six figures.

Is there a demand for diesel mechanics?

There’s a growing demand for diesel technicians. … From 2018 to 2028 the demand for diesel technicians in the U.S. could be as high as 28,300 – but the industry is only predicted to grow by 13,800 according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Diesel technicians inspect and repair vehicles with diesel engines.

What pays more diesel or auto mechanic?

An important question to ask when you’re still weighing your options between car mechanics and diesel mechanics is, which job is better? Diesel mechanic versus Auto mechanic. Diesel mechanic is better because average $3.19 more per hour more.

What degree do you need for a diesel mechanic?

Just to review, diesel mechanics can follow these steps to enter the field: Earn a high school diploma and complete 3-4 years of training, or earn a certificate and/or an associate’s degree in diesel engine repair or service technology and earn a certification from the National Institute for Automotive Service …

Is it worth being a diesel mechanic?

If you’re mechanically inclined and like working with your hands, then diesel tech is a pretty good job. … There is variety since you can work on trucks in a major corporation’s fleet, farm equipment or even in a shipyard on marine diesels. The pay is pretty good.

How much does diesel school cost?

The total price tag on your diesel education will depend on whether you receive a certification or opt for a two-year degree. You might pay just under $4,000 for a certification, all the way up into the mid-five digits if you’re attending a two-year program.

How much do entry level diesel mechanics make?

National Average As of Jan 6, 2021, the average annual pay for an Entry Level Diesel Mechanic in the United States is $37,073 a year. Just in case you need a simple salary calculator, that works out to be approximately $17.82 an hour.

How much do diesel mechanics make 2020?

Diesel Mechanic, Sr.PercentileSalaryLast Updated25th Percentile Diesel Mechanic, Sr. Salary$54,139December 28, 202050th Percentile Diesel Mechanic, Sr. Salary$58,641December 28, 202075th Percentile Diesel Mechanic, Sr. Salary$64,016December 28, 202090th Percentile Diesel Mechanic, Sr. Salary$68,910December 28, 20201 more row

What is the highest paying diesel mechanic job?

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), diesel mechanics who have recently graduated from college can make a mean salary of $40,850 annually, which averages out to $19.64 per hour. The majority of jobs available to diesel mechanics are at private companies, but 11 percent work for the government.

How long is school for a diesel mechanic?

It can take anywhere from a few months to several years to become a diesel mechanic. Certificate programs range from six to nine months, associate’s degree programs are usually two years if the student attends full-time, longer if the student attends part-time; and on-the-job training can vary by employer.