Quick Answer: Which Is The Best Job In Bangalore?

Who is the No 1 IT company in India?


Tata Consultancy service.

– Largest IT company in India.

Tata Consultancy service is the Largest IT company in India in terms of Revenue..

Is 1 lakh a good salary?

1 lakh is not a small amount of money but it entirely depends on your lifestyle. If you try to live a high end lifestyle, spending more than 80% of your income living that life, then 1 lakh will seem less. … With the right balance, 1 lakh can certainly give you a peek into luxury.

How can I earn money from home?

Become a virtual assistant. One simple way to make money from home is to help others complete tasks as a virtual assistant. … Sell stuff on eBay or Craigslist. … Trade cryptocurrency. … Online tutoring. … Sell services on Fiverr. … Build sales funnels. … Rent out your home. … Launch an ecommerce site.More items…

Is living in Bangalore expensive?

Summary about cost of living in Bangalore, India: Family of four estimated monthly costs are 1,277.58$ (93,312.30₹) without rent (using our estimator). A single person estimated monthly costs are 359.72$ (26,273.63₹) without rent. Cost of living index in Bangalore is 71.80% lower than in New York.

How can I earn money fast in Bangalore?

These jobs give you an opportunity to make some extra money working for just few hours….Online Part Time Jobs in BangaloreBlogging. … Taking Online Surveys. … Web Designing. … Online Data Entry Work. … Medical Transcriptionist. … Freelance Writing. … Online Tutoring. … Online Consultancy.More items…

Which part time job is best?

You have several options when deciding which part-time job is right for you. Many part-time positions give you the opportunity to earn a decent wage….High-earning part-time jobsBartender. Average Salary: ₹16,388 per month. … Bank teller. … Tour guide. … Personal driver. … Phlebotomist. … School bus driver. … Nanny. … 8. Mail carrier.More items…•

What are the best part time jobs in Bangalore?

694 part time jobs near Bengaluru, KarnatakaIT SUPPORT FREELANCER / PART TIME. … Content Writers, Bloggers: Part time or remote. … Delivery Boy. … Telemarketer/Customer Service. … Online English Tutor : Part-time. … Primary English Educator. … Online Math Tutor – Part Time. … Health Care Assistant.More items…

Which is the biggest company in Bangalore?

Which is the biggest IT company in Bangalore? Infosys is the biggest IT company in Bangalore.

Is 1 lakh a good salary in Bangalore?

1 lakh per month is more than enough,even if you are living in a rented house with your family. You will be at most incurring Rs 30000. … Average monthly cost around 15,000, including food, room rent, transport, and other expenses but not shopping bills.

Is Bangalore costly?

Karnataka’s capital Bengaluru is the fourth most expensive city in India for expatriates. According to Mercer’s ‘2020 Cost of Living Survey ‘, Bengaluru is the fourth most expensive city in India and is placed in the 171 position in the global rankings.

Is 30000 a good salary in Bangalore?

So a combined household income of 30k would give you a peaceful harmonious life in BLR. P.S.: We used to have half of it 5 years ago and had the same amount of frolic and joy.

Which is the highest paid job in Bangalore?

Highest Paying Jobs In BangaloreData Scientist. … Web Developer. … Android Developer. … Corporate Lawyer. … Business Development Associate. … Management Consultant. … Content Writer/Marketer. … Human Resource(HR) Every company, no matter big or small, has a human resources department.More items…•

What is a good salary in Bangalore?

SALARY BY LEVEL BANGALORESalary levelsAvg. gross salary (USD)Avg. gross salary35KUS$ 34,818INR 2,149,04825KUS$ 24,422INR 1,494,53215KUS$ 14,800INR 905,2558KUS$ 7,546INR 466,72117 more rows•Nov 24, 2020

Which is the biggest IT park in Bangalore?

International Tech ParkInternational Tech Park commonly known as ITPL is a tech park located in Whitefield, Bangalore. It is the largest IT/ Tech Park in Bangalore which includes 450,000 square foot Park square mall, several sporting arenas and the Vivanta by Taj hotel.

Are IT companies working in Bangalore?

Being the silicon valley of India, Bangalore has some of the most prominent and biggest tech/it companies in the world. Most people who move to Bangalore for work live for years in the city because of the work opportunities. Here we have chosen a list of top IT companies in Bangalore to work for.