What Should I Wear To My Journeys Interview?

Does journeys get paid weekly?

The pay is every two weeks.

They supply a pay card that you must receive your first paycheck on..

How are journeys employees paid?

5 answers. You get paid minimum wage salary and then you do get a small percent of your commissions. You would have to hit goals daily or you would risk your job. Yes, I did get paid off of commission, along with the $7.25 per hour.

Do you get commission at journeys?

They tell you you get either minimum wage or commission, whichever is more, but you will never earn more than minimum wage with commission, even during the holidays at the busiest location. Good for first job.

What is working at journeys like?

Overall, working at Journeys has been a good experiece. You work a lot of hours and they make you feel like a family, but the moment someone leaves they are outcasted. If you don’t hit your goals you should just look for a new job. Journeys was my first job when I turned 16, I been there for 3 years and I love it.

What should I wear to a liquor store interview?

Applicants should come to ABC Fine Wine & Spirits interviews looking appropriate. ABC Fine Wine & Spirits employees typically wear button-up or polo shirts with khaki pants, and applicants should dress in similar clothing for interviews.

Do you get paid for training at journeys?

3 answers. All training done after hired; training modules available from home but most hiring managers should, and typically do, enforce those videos and assessments to be done on the clock from the store computer. I did get paid for training and I accomplished a goal !

Does journeys pay minimum wage?

The job is easy once you get the hang of things. It also has weekly pay. The job is minimum wage.

How long does it take for journeys to call back after applying?

1-2 weeks, paperwork, interviews and training. It depends on what position you’re applying for.

What questions do they ask at a Journeys interview?

Candidates for managerial roles often respond to: “How well do you work in a team setting?” and “Are you able to work holidays and weekends?” Questions regarding leadership, conflict resolution, and company policy also come up during Journeys job interviews.

Do you get free shoes if you work at Journeys?

3 answers. I received 2 pairs of free shoes working for journeys. … Yes they gave free shoes for the season.

What are the benefits of working at journeys?

Great bonuses and competitive pay.Scholarship opportunities.401K Retirement Plan with company match.Short and Long Term Disability.Life insurance.Personal Accident Insurance.Emergency Assistance Fund.

Does journeys have a dress code?

Very fun work environment, laid back, casual dress code.

What do journeys employees wear?

Very laid back, business casual, street wear, journeys shoes. Piercings, colored hair, and tattoos accepted. Must wear the shoes sold by journeys and dress respectively by store standards.

What is the best way to answer interview?

Consider this list your interview question and answer study guide.Tell Me About Yourself.How Did You Hear About This Position?Why Do You Want to Work at This Company?Why Do You Want This Job?Why Should We Hire You?What Are Your Greatest Strengths?What Do You Consider to Be Your Weaknesses?More items…